This uniquely inspirational memoir tells the compelling story of the author’s journey from foster child and sexual abuse survivor to founder of the nationally recognized organization, Girls With Sole. Ferro describes how to gain joy and fulfillment through athletics, and reminds us all to believe in ourselves and keep moving forward no matter what. Gritty, yet often humorously told, her story proves that with resiliency, anyone can be rewarded with the euphoria she calls the “finish line feeling.”
The book has become an extremely crucial and inspirational part of Girls With Sole programs, since all the girls over the age of 13 years old receive a complimentary copy of the book. The response from the teens has been incredible, and its resounding successful effect on those who read it has made the book into a teen and adult “self-help” phenomenon of sorts! Adults have called it “the next Eat Pray Love” while teens have been thrilled by their renewed feelings of hope and empowerment from simply having read it. Girls With Sole is pleased to give a copy to any girl in our program who is over 13, and ready to “Lace Up for a Lifetime of Achievement.”

If you would like to donate to Girls With Sole, and help sponsor the cost of a book given to our youth, please donate to 50 States For Sole!
Girls With Sole would like all the girls who need our uniquely adaptable programs, and to read “Finish Line Feeling” to have that sporting chance! Our goal is to be a nationwide organization by the year 2020! We can reach that finish line with your help and support!