50 States For Sole

Liz Ferro is on a mission to run a Full Marathon in all 50 States to benefit, and raise awareness for, Girls With Sole!

PLEASE – donate today – create your own fundraising page – run with me around the US in any marathon you would like to do (many races also offer the Half Marathon distance if you would like to take part, but 26.2 isn’t for you!) – your funds and efforts will help girls Lace Up for a Lifetime of Achievement!


For more information, email Liz at liz@girlswithsole.org

Please share the link and spread the word about 50 States For Sole!


Events with Impact


Girls With Sole fundraising events are wonderful and unique for so many reasons ~among the obvious ones are the wonderful people who come together in support of our incredible (and critical) mission.

Some reasons that may not be quite as obvious are:

* We incorporate our programming into almost every fundraising event.  Sponsoring the girls, and encouraging them to participate in our events reinforces everything that they are learning in Girls With Sole programs.  We usually have them involved in some way that goes above and beyond  just participating in the main activity of our fundraisers.

 For instance, they may take on leadership roles like helping to lead  Zumba routines at our Zumba fundraiser. They become empowered when they are given the opportunity to empower others and to lead. 

Or by singing the National Anthem before the LULA 5K 

Or when they plan and execute a “flash mob” before the Believe and Achieve Trail Race and the Girls With Sole LULA 5K! 

  For the past few years, they have even put special time and efforts into painting the trophies for the LULA 5K winners.

Or writing and presenting an essay written about what Girls With Sole means to them at the “Finish Line Feeling” book launch held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

The girls also lead the Girls With Sole Creed before our events ~ just like we do at the beginning of our Girls With Sole programs.

* Girls With Sole programs are a combination of fitness based and self-esteem building activities.  When the girls come to our events to run, swim, do Zumba or whatever it might be….they are not only experiencing the GWS philosophy first hand…but they also get to see other people embracing it as well.  Seeing people they don’t  already know, who value the concepts being taught at Girls With Sole, illustrates the fact that a healthy and fit lifestyle is important and fun, and not just something being preached to them.

* At our events the girls are surrounded by positive role models and people who believe in them.  Many times they are introduced to new places and valuable experiences they may not have had otherwise.   They see a world outside of their own, and the people in it are motivated, healthy, friendly, and encouraging.

* They see the other girls in the programs from other locations and have the chance to meet them, and know that they are truly a team.  They experience support and a sense of belonging to something.

* By coming to the events, they are forced to step outside their comfort zones and do something that is new, and different, and therefore, a tiny bit “scary.”

* They experience the joy and strength that comes with accomplishing a goal.  (Especially if they were afraid they couldn’t do it.)  There is nothing like the “Finish Line Feeling”…and because no one can accomplish it for you…it makes it all the more valuable when you achieve it.  And once you do….no one can take it away from you.

Girls With Sole Rocks!