The Finish Line isn’t the end – it’s the beginning of what’s possible!
“Finish Line Feeling” is an uplifting and inspiring, yet raw and honest memoir of a young girl conquering the wrongs in her life by using unwavering determination, athleticism, and spirit.
Liz Ferro clearly articulates the internal struggles of growing up female. Both her toils and her triumphs are immense, and her story is one that is relatable to every woman.

Girls With Sole proudly gives a copy of “Finish Line Feeling” to each girl in the program who is age 13 and over, and ready to “Lace Up for a Lifetime of Achievement.”
Response from the teens (and adults) who have read it has been incredible. Both the book, and the organization, provide young women with the opportunity to tell their own story, find their own strength, and use their resilience to keep moving forward.

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As a runner and a psychologist, I know the power of that finish line feeling. Liz has a gift for story telling that makes you laugh and cry. Through her painful experiences and built up resiliency, she uses her past and perspective as a vehicle to create social change. What an inspiring book to encourage all of us to be a part of the solution.

Liz’s relentless pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment is an inspiration
By Alisa D.

Liz Ferro holds nothing back in her memoir “Finish Line Feeling”. Searingly honest, she relates how she overcame a childhood marked by abuse and a rocky road into young adulthood by dedicating herself to running and physical fitness. Liz’s relentless pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment is an inspiration. Liz has parlayed her personal experiences into the non profit “Girls with Sole” and is tirelessly working towards mentoring girls whose lives have been affected by personal adversities. This book is compelling uplifting and empowering. A must read! Great book club choice as it sparked lively discussions and was a jumping point for addressing current social issues. Thank you Liz for sharing your FINISH LINE FEELING!!

Worth Finishing!!!
By Angela Forster

Liz Ferro shows us how powerful the incredible human spirit is!
“Finish Line Feeling” shows us all how we can overcome anything, with time, love, and community.
If we stay connected and help each other we can do anything together.
Thanks for sharing your story with all of us Liz Ferro. You show up everyday in life, you live it, and inspire us all to do the same all while helping others to live there best life!

Liz’s Book is Truly Inspirational
By Borny

“Finish Line Feeling” is a truly inspirational book. You can feel Liz’s positive energy and enthusiasm through her novel. She gives an honest view of her past, leaving nothing out. Liz’s narration and sense of humor made it as if she was my best friend simply recounting past experiences while we were on a run together! She made the best out of her countless predicaments and seemed to look back and laugh at it. Reading about her numerous mental, physical, and personal victories, it made it feel as if you too had succeeded with her. That is the effect Liz has on people. After I finished reading this book I wanted to jump up and go for a run. If Liz has gone through so much hardships and is still smiling and running Ironmans, the least I can do is get off the couch and jog!

Overcome evil with good.
By Amy Richards

Liz Ferro writes honestly and openly about her traumatic experiences and how she overcame them. Liz demonstrates courage and an indomitable will to not only overcome the terrible things that happened to her but to use her experiences to help young women facing similar struggles. I am thankful for the example Liz sets to the girls she mentors and for the vision she casts in this book. Many people struggle, some make it by, but Liz goes extra miles in overcoming evil with good through Finish Line Feeling and her organization Girls with Sole!

By Laura Samano

I love this book! A great example of the triumph of the human spirit. It is truly inspirational!

Truly inspirational and a must read. Coaches should add this to their required reading!
By M.E.

Truly inspirational and a must read. Coaches should add this to their required reading lists. All families should provide this for their daughters and sons! I will be passing my book on to my fellow running friends! Can’t wait to read more about your journeys! I’m hoping there will be more books to come.

So great; so powerful.
By Crystal Neale

There are somethings so great, so powerful, so meaningful that you just can’t put it in words…..well this book does!!! I recommend this book to anyone. I especially recommend this book for women/girls who have had hardship. What a truly inspiring author. Do yourself a favor….read this book,then buy another one for a friend.