Glowing Testimonial for Liz Ferro’s Speaking Engagement at the 19th Annual Stark County Domestic Violence Collaborative Seminar


It was an honor to speak at the 19th Annual Stark County Domestic Violence Collaborative Seminar, but it was an even bigger honor to receive this thank you note from the Stark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office regarding my presentation.
It’s both humbling and inspiring to read:

“You renewed our energy for our jobs. Your message has motivated us to continue our work to keep victims safe and offenders accountable.”

During the darkest times of my life, no one would have ever guessed I could make a difference anywhere, or motivate another person with my words or actions.

It’s an honor for me to be able to spread Girls With Sole’s message, and to emphasize the fact that we can’t dismiss or write off our troubled youth. There is almost always a reason why they are troubled. With programs like Girls With Sole – which utilize a curriculum to strengthen and encourage healthy living (mind, body and soul) through fitness, wellness, self-awareness and resilience building – lives can be changed for the better, and we can remove the stigma attached to abuse of any kind.


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