Voice of Soles vol 7 – Reflect On What’s Inside

Reflect On What’s Inside
By Gina Ridenour
Age 15

Parts of myself I used to critique.

Comments others made that got under my skin.

Wanting to not be who I am out of secrecy and fear, suddenly stopped. That was when I met Liz. Through Girls With Sole I have been able to look beyond shallow idealism of what/ who I should be and recognize the person I truly am. The amazing girl I will show off to the world, the girl who is honest, and smart and exemplifies beauty in my own way. The girl Liz has helped me find again.


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My question to every girl reading this and feeling like she isn’t good enough is, “What trait do you have that make you so special, unique and beautiful?” Think long and hard, and don’t just go look in the mirror!

Reflect on what’s inside!


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