Voice of Soles – VOL 3 – A Better Day Awaits

Voice of Soles gives girls a place to empower themselves and others by giving voice to their stories. It’s written by girls, for girls, providing a safe space to share heart felt thoughts and ideas – and as a result – inspire others to do the same.

If you would like to share your story on Voice of Soles – please email Liz Ferro at liz@girlswithsole.org. Your story can be emailed in a Word doc, and be sure to include your age and how you would to be identified. (For example, your first name, first and last name, initials, or anonymous)

Back then I was like any other kid. But at the time I didn’t know it. See I was bullied throughout most of grade school and high school. During school is when I felt the most alone. I didn’t have a big group of friends or anyone to call my best friend. It felt like it was me against the whole world. Every day at school I got called ugly and stupid, maybe about ten times a day. But the thing about it is that they were only seeing me for the person I was on the outside. They had no idea of the kind of person I was being molded into on the inside. There were days when I thought things would never get better. I spent endless days feeling depressed, angry and worthless. Back then I didn’t know my worth; I didn’t know at the time that all of this would transform me into the person I am today. As much as I wished that I could have been somebody else back then, today I wouldn’t trade who I’ve become for the world.

When I was about seventeen a part of my life was transformed for the better and it only took one person to make a difference in my life. I met Liz Ferro after my mom found an article in the newspaper about her organization, Girls with Sole. She helped me run my very first half marathon, she helped me to believe in myself and when I crossed that finish line I felt a feeling like no other, it was the finish line feeling, the feeling you get when you realize anything is possible.


One day I hope I can give back to the world what Liz Ferro gave to me. So I want to end by saying something sincere, for whoever is reading this, I want you to know that the world needs somebody special like you. And if you ever feel alone, just know that somebody like me is rooting for you. Get out there and experience that finish line feeling, whether its crossing a finish line to a race or finally defeating the anger and sadness you feel inside, lace up, a better day awaits you.


-Alexis Mayer
Age 21

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