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Sometimes all we want (and need) is to know that we’re not alone.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can be devastating to physical and mental health, and can lead young people down the paths of self-harm, addiction, bullying or violence. Under these conditions, healthy relationships, self-esteem and even academic learning can become virtually impossible.

For these reasons – and more – Girls With Sole introduces a special weekly blog spot called Voice of Soles to give girls a place to share their stories in a nonjudgmental place, to discover the healing power of the written word, and to be reminded that their lives and their stories matter, and that they are not alone.

Voice of Soles gives girls a place to empower themselves and others by giving unified voice to their stories. It’s written by girls, for girls, providing a safe space to share heart felt thoughts and ideas – and as a result – inspire others to do the same.

If you would like to share your story on Voice of Soles – please email Liz Ferro at liz@girlswithsole.org. Your story can be emailed in a Word doc, and be sure to include your age and how you would to be identified. (For example, your first name, first and last name, initials, or anonymous.)

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Voice of Soles
Many Soles. One Voice.

Written by: Annoymous
Age: 15

Depression isn’t just something anyone can get over – over night – or weeks – or months. Its a process that takes years because of all the time we’ve been put down.

Starting when I was a kid, I was abused and beat my my father. I loved him after all that he put me through. 8 years of tears and pain. After that, my parents split. After that, my whole life changed. Everything got darker & more blurry.

My dad attempted suicide in front of me. Scariest thing to experience. I was 9 and I didn’t know what to do, so I took the blame for it all. I believed it was all my fault because he hated me, even though I loved him. I started to understand things a little more a couple years later, now at age 11, so things started to get better for me. Until I went to school again. I got bullied. I never told anyone because I thought it would makes things worse than it already was. That’s when I started to cut. Cutting was a way to escape this world and go to another.

At age 13, I was raped. Never told anyone for 3 years, until I had a deep talk with my best friend. She’s the only one I ever told. After that happened, I was never satisfied with who I was. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I felt so out of place. I didn’t belong. And I still feel like I don’t belong today.

Sometimes, I feel like suicide is the escape for everything. Attempted a few times, but never reached my goal of succeeding. What kept holding me back? I was never able to answer this question & I still can’t. Was it the thought of hurting my best friend? My family? The unknown world after death? The pain I would cause others? I still don’t know, but I have an idea. It was God and my guardian angel. But then a wonderful young lady, Liz Ferro entered my life. When I first heard of GWS, I told myself it was going to be stupid. Who cares what she went through because she doesn’t know what I’m going through or what I been through. I lied to myself. My first day doing GWS was a life changer.

Liz inspires me and many other young girls like me that no matter what you go through or where you come from, you can always succeed. Just keep moving forward. Reading “Finish Line Feeling” has inspired my life in so many ways. Exercising has been my way of relieving stress and stopping me from making decisions that I would regret – or doing anything that nobody could change. Liz inspired me to keep my head up and focus on what is in front of you.

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