Ten Ways to Empower Your Soul


Girls With Sole programming introduces a whole new world to many girls, and supplies them with the empowerment needed to discover who they are as athletes and as people. Our programs empower their minds, bodies and souls, which in turn, creates a light that shines from within each girl that can lead them out of a dark place and into a bright future.  At Girls With Sole we call this “Lacing Up for a Lifetime of Achievement.” (LULA)  

Sometimes, even the basic lessons of life can have the most profound effect. 

Ten Ways to Empower Your Soul

       ONE:  Be Resilient

Take a lesson from the rubber band – bounce back into shape after being stretched to the max! Resilience is that amazingly wonderful quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Without it we can feel victimized or dwell on our problems.  Bad things happen to everyone at some point or another. You have the choice to stay down and wallow in self-pity or crawl out of the ashes and soldier on. It’s completely up to you. Don’t sweat the little things. Know that you are strong and powerful – and watch your life change.

     TWO: Don’t Settle For Ordinary.

 Jim Rohn once said, “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”  Uncover your buried excitement and enjoyment for life by doing something unexpected or spontaneous.  Unleash the power of your imagination!  Join a local Rotary Club. Sign up for a 5K.  Smile at a stranger.  Experience the world by taking a new path and not being afraid to take a risk. Life is a gift – don’t be afraid to actually live yours zestfully.



THREE:  Work It Out!  

Sedentary habits deplete vital, creative energy. Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for the overall health of your mind, body and soul.  Dance, walk, run, cycle, swim, ski, do yoga, or lift weights to invigorate body and mind. Set aside time for your physical and mental health and your soul will thank you.



 FOUR:  Laugh.

The many benefits of laughter should be enough to get anyone smiling!  Laughter can support the immune system, improve blood pressure, stimulate the organs, reduce pain, and put people at ease. Besides all of that…it feels good and it is fun! Laugh when life is boring or difficult. Laugh with loved ones and share your inner light with the people around you. Learn to see every moment as a chance for new and refreshing opportunities by laughing in the face of fear -and even at yourself.



FIVE: Simplify

It can be a wonderful thing for the soul to adhere to the old saying “Less is more.” Complexity in our lives can strangle the enjoyment out of it. Renew your life by eliminating relationships and things that are not necessary and simply weigh you down. Simplify your thoughts and the things that you desire. Keep your diet simple. Keep your clothes simple. Practice simplicity by avoiding gossip, useless clutter, and overindulgence.  Simplifying your life will smooth the path to a happy and empowered soul.  

SIX: Eat for Health

We live in an overfed and under-exercised society.   Eat for energy and good health. A simple, balanced diet keeps us healthy, vivacious and glowing.  Choose whole foods.  Eat slowly and take time to taste the food you’re eating.  Grazing on small “meals” throughout the day can keep energy levels up and can fend off hunger and overeating.  Look at food as a source of nourishment –not something to do when you’re bored.  Be grateful for it and what it can do for your body. Consider nutrition to be your internal beauty routine.


SEVEN:  Be Positively Positive

Choose to be cheerful.  Practice being positive.  Share your positive energy by reaching out to help others. See beauty, and delight in yourself and the world, by viewing things optimistically.  


EIGHT:  Choose a Direction

Jumping from one trend to another, and chasing down too many dreams at once can leave you tired, confused and unsure of what to do next.  There comes a time when you need to decide what’s important – what you’re passionate about – and head solely in that direction.  Let your mind become clear as you refocus your intentions.  Be unwavering as you choose a direction for your life and let the distractions pass you by.

NINE:  Unplug

Feeling overwhelmed, scattered and disconnected?   Try to live unplugged from electronic devices and social media for 30 minutes, a few hours, or even a full day. We have become so accustomed to constantly being active and stimulated by these devices, that we rarely find time to simply be still and listen to our inner guidance.  Give yourself time to reflect and meditate without the stimulation of Candy Crush, Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail- even if it’s just 10 minutes of your day.  Calm the body and mind. Notice the difference in your ability to feel centered and peaceful.

TEN:  Be Fearless.

Stand up for yourself, set goals, and don’t procrastinate. Don’t let your fear of failure or success stand in the way of your happiness. Don’t allow the opinions of others to deter your dreams or darken your light. Without condemning yourself or others, fix the mistakes you make and move on.  Be honest with yourself. Confront and identify your fears, and replace them with truth. Overcome the fears you have, and watch as you achieve the greatness that is within. Become fearless and happy.


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