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A Very Special Book Review ~ Finish Line Feeling

Finish Line Feeling ~ autobiography of Liz Ferrofront

Out on the run course, just as in life, you can’t worry about what has been”.

I read a fair few running books, informative, narrative, philosophical and autobiographical but none quite like Finish Line Feeling ~ the life story of a determined woman, Liz Ferro, who has risen above “what happened to her” in childhood, to eventually find her calling in founding the non-profit program Girls with Sole.

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I will be honest with you, Liz’s childhood experiences describe a heart-wrenching reality, putting a voice to the trauma of so many victims that have suffered abuse. Finish Line Feeling follows her lifetime of recovery and is a shockingly honest, sometimes loud, sometimes sad, and sometimes hilarious emotional journey.

Liz finishing Texas Ironman

Liz finishing Texas Ironman

Through all her adventures, and misadventures as a young adult, athletics kept Liz grounded, focused, and gave her a belief in herself that no-one could take away. She has completed 16 marathons, is a five times Ironman and dedicated runner, mother and wife, throughout her life she “used the strength gained from training to become empowered and to feel stronger emotionally”. This strength she has harnessed and transformed into the program Girls With Sole, which now successfully works with over 400 girls to help them discover the empowerment and achievement that can be derived from athletics.

A “real” athletes story, Finish Line Feeling left a lasting impression on me, one that I will never forget. The fact that running and triathlon has propelled Liz to rise, and achieve so greatly, is a tribute to our sport and to her amazing spirit.

I am not what has happened to me – I am what I choose to become” Carl Gustav Jung

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