Positively Powerful


Being positive or negative are habits of thoughts that have a very strong influence on everyone’s life.

Being an athlete makes us strong and healthy in mind, body and soul. Athletes have more optimism than non-athletic people, and are better able to focus on the positive – even when their lives get turned upside down.

Athletic and fit people with optimism train hard, push through the rough spots, and refuse to give up despite obstacles and losses

Positive attitudes not only affect a person’s mood – they also strongly influence one’s health and vitality.

Our bodies are controlled by the brain. If the brain thinks positively, that energy will radiate into the body as well.  If you tell yourself you can’t take one more step during a long run…the legs will listen to your negative thoughts, and you will most likely need to stop.  Instead, if you tell yourself you can do it – no matter what- and remind yourself that this is nothing new; you’ve done this before (and have probably felt much worse at some point in your training or your life) – you “magically” have the strength to keep moving forward!

Want to gain even more power?

Pass along the positive magic to others!  Not only will it make you feel even better –  it also helps to spread a chain reaction of optimism.

It may seem small…and maybe even silly….but give it a try sometime!  Don’t hold back!

Positive vibes beget positive vibes. Simply smiling at someone can change their whole day and their perspective, and create a ripple effect of encouragement and elation.


When I’m out on a training run and I give a smile, a head nod, or Peace sign to fellow runners, riders and people out getting their exercise -it actually boosts my own energy!  The effect is more greatly intensified when the person smiles and nods back.

Simple yet powerful – it’s a gift that will keep on giving. 

A gift that brings brightness to the eyes, more energy and happiness.

Athletes who share the gift out on the road or race course begin to see how the optimism sparked during the workout continues to burn warmly and brightly in all areas of their lives. 

Spark a flame of optimism today!  Light a fire in your heart that can warm the hearts of others!




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