National Girls and Women in Sports Day

February 6, 2013 is National Women in Sports Day!

Girls With Sole is thrilled that the importance of sports- how they empower girls, and improve their health- is being recognized across the country.

Thousands of sports educators, coaches, athletic directors, recreation directors, association directors, students, and parents across the country will show their support of the Day and of this year’s theme, “Girls in Sports, An Investment in the Future.”

Girls With Sole programming empowers girls and invests in their futures every day.

We bring free fitness and wellness programs directly to our girls, where they are, and reinforce the importance of believing in themselves and their abilities, and how athletics can help them “Lace Up for a Lifetime of Achievement!”

 We’re happy to be part of this special day for girls across the country by participating in a free program to promote the participation of girls in sports this Wednesday at Timmons Elementary in Bainbridge Township.

The event is offered to moms (or special female person) accompanying girls in grades three through five to participate in activities offered on this national Day of Girls and Women in Sports. It’s a great chance for the girls to hear about Girls With Sole, the importance of participating in sports, and to experience yoga, Zumba, tennis, lacrosse, track and cross country, basketball, yoga, softball and volleyball.

  Moms ~ be a role model for your girls!

We hope this special day inspires everyone to get out there and find their way to play, and what moves them,  for a lifetime!

Just a few more reasons to reinforce the importance of this great day!

  • Young women who play sports are less likely to be involved in an unwanted pregnancy; more likely to get better grades in school and more likely to graduate than girls who do not play sports.
  • As little as four hours of exercise a week may reduce a young woman’s risk of breast cancer by up to 60%; breast cancer is a disease that afflicts one out of every 8 American women.

  • One out of every two women over the age of 60 suffers from osteoporosis (brittle bones).  Females today  should not desire to relive the experiences of previous generations of women who were not permitted to play sports or encouraged to participate in weight-bearing exercises that are necessary in establishing bone mass.

  • Females who play sports have higher levels of confidence and self esteem and lower levels of depression.

  • From childhood to adulthood, females who play sports have a more positive body image and experience higher states of psychological well being than girls and women who do not play sports.
  •     Sport is where the males traditionally learned about teamwork, goal setting,   the pursuit of excellence in performance and other achievement -oriented behaviors critical for success in the work place.  In an economic environment where the quality of our children’s lives will be dependent on two-income families, the women of today cannot be less prepared for the highly competitive workplace than men.  It is no accident that 80% of the female executives at Fortune 500 companies identified themselves as former “tomboys”- having played sports.

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