Liz’s Full Revolution3 for Team LULA 2010

I want to thank every one for their kind and generous donations to Team LULA for my Full Rev3, in support of Girls With Sole!

The whole event was an amazing journey!  I was fortunate to have some very dear friends to train with all Summer!  I already miss the long workouts, and all the laughs and silly camaraderie that helped us get through the tough stuff!When race day finally came it was a windy and dark morning on the beach in Sandusky…but I was able to draw strength from knowing that I had a higher purpose to the race, and that kind hearted people like you were supporting me and Girls With Sole.  I need to thank you for that, because it carried me.

The 2.4 mile swim was a little choppy….but somehow it calmed me down from all the pre-race jitters and got me into a groove to begin the long day ahead.  Next up was the 112 mile ride.  It was pretty windy out there…but I just reminded myself that everyone had to do the same course! Finally….the 26.2 mile run!  I have to thank Angela Forster for the wonderful coaching she provided in support of this goal for GWS…because I had a great marathon!  I finished strong and ended up taking over an hour off my best Ironman finishing time, and also placed 2nd in my age group!  My time was 12:08, on my watch. I wish I could describe the elation, joy and pride I felt when I came across that finish line and the MC announced to the whole crowd that I had completed the race for GWS, and raised over $5,000.00 for our cause!  The look on Frank’s face, the pride my children felt, and having my training buddies there pulling for me, was enough to make my heart overflow with gratitude for what I did that day…and for our GWS!Together…we are all helping girls in need feel what it is like to cross that finish line!!!

It is always scariest at the start…..but so worth it in the end.  We all are inspiring Soles,  because we are helping our girls Lace Up for A Lifetime of Achievement!Thank you again..from the bottom of my heart (if there is a bottom) for the kindness and support shown to Girls With Sole!


Liz Ferro

Founder/Executive Director